MineOnCloud.com was launched on November 2013 and start a new marketplace for miners: Rent.MineOnCloud.com

Rent a miner easily and select your pool!

SHA-256 – Scrypt – X11 – X13 – X15 also available

For Miner owners

  • Register on Rent.MineOnCloud.com, add your miner choose your price per h/s and your duration available
  • And wait other customer paid for ! No network configuration, no giving full control over your cgminer administrative interface, it’s just as simple as that!
  • By default, the “rent.mineoncloud” statum will be seen as inactive (dead) by cgminer/sgminer and switch to your usual pool. As soon as someone rents your miner, the “rent.mineoncloud” stratum will become active (alive) and redirect your miner to the pool chosen by the renter. When the renting period is over, your miner goes back to your usual pool.

For miner looking for miner rig

  • Select your miner
  • Rent and pay the required amount in BTC
  • Wait for payment confirmation, choose your pool you can add backup pool

Enjoy it !


MineOnCloud average rating: 3.7/5 based on 6 reviews.

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